About Us


Skinerapy was born out of inspiration to create a premium skincare brand with great products for everyone. We want to raise awareness to your skin and help you realize that putting your best skin forward is putting your best self forward. We focus on active ingredients that are bound to make a difference in your skin!

 After trying everything on the market that claimed to work but did little to nothing, I realized that most of these products were not meant to work with more than just one skin type.
I also noticed that majority of products did not have enough quality ingredients to make a difference in our skin as it was formulated with mostly synthetics, dyes, and other filler ingredients that has no real benefit. 
Soon we realized that there was a small shelf market for skincare products that works for more than one skin type and that also doesn't compromise the safety of your skin. 
So, I decided to learn to formulate my own products minus the fluff, the synthetics and all the "feel good" ingredients that is no good for your skin's health. I decided to start with my own skincare problems which was hyperpigmentation and dry skin. 
After noticing real results using quality ingredients, I decided to launch Skinerapy so that I can help others like me. Skinerapy is a luxury non-toxic skincare brand dedicated to helping people find solutions to their skin. We believe in making a commitment to your skin to make a difference. 


We understand that complications with your skin or undesirable skin drawbacks can be stressful. Skinerapy is intended to relieve that anxiety when the time comes to take care of your skin. We want to provide you with a therapeutic, harmonious, and soothing experience while still highlighting the importance of great skincare.